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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Jito72 93

2000 Lagrange (St Julien)
Excellent with a superb nose of floral, toasty vanilla and oak notes, sweety red fruits. This wine is very balance and lot of finesse in mouth and pretty fine integrated tannins on a medium to long finish.

(Tasted Aug 29, 2014)

Jito72 91

1996 Lafon-Rochet
tasting mature, but very nice with nice tannings and keep tasting the red fruit beautiful. Very, very enjoyable.

(Tasted Aug 21, 2014)

Jito72 93

2004 Callejo - Crianza
Excellent has more to develop...it's amazing quality, almost full body...Waoo this is dark broody And big Crianza.

(Tasted Aug 16, 2014)

Jito72 93

2004 Arzuaga - Reserva
Drinking beautiful! Great balance, depth and the tannins have smoother so well and the aromes are typically Arzuaga so it's beautiful of toasty and vanilla scents

(Tasted Aug 16, 2014)

Jito72 91

2004 Alejandro Fernandez - Tinto Pesquera (Crianza)
Drinking very nice, medium body and medium finish. Nice Pesquera Crianza in a well vintage for the region. Enjoy now and for the next 3-4 years for maximum fruit enjoyment.

(Tasted Aug 16, 2014)

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Created  Dec 22, 2009