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Jito72 92

1995 Bertrand Ambroise - Corton Le Rognet
Excellent and this wine stills very vigorous, youthful and shall be better in a couple of years in where more complexities in palate otherwise this a huge, full body pinot noir. In couple of years this will merit 2-3 more pts!

(Tasted Mar 20, 2015)

Jito72 94

Jito72 94

1970 Eglise Clinet
Waooo this wine still live and delicious as well still have some purple body!!! extremely balanced, great mature aromatics of 'meat juice', forest floor, some cigar box and ripe fruit. Very impressive for a almost 45yrs old it seems more like a 85 Bordeaux rather than a 70! enjoy now and stoill have 5-6 more years of pleasureness

(Tasted Mar 13, 2015)

Jito72 95

1995 Dominique Laurent - Vosne-Romanee Les Suchots 1er Cru
wao! factor...extremely complex and developed. nicely aged and mature, seductive aromas of floral perfume, then comes dried fruit of candy apple, red cheery syrup aromatics along with some leathery, a little toasty oak. In perfect balance and good depth, better finish...a gem that is begging for being drink now and within next 3 years in this excellent stage.

(Tasted Mar 13, 2015)

Jito72 94

1990 Ormes-de-Pez
This is very mature but still enjoyable, complex, lot of finessed and very nice finish...this still in a very nice drinking stage, lot pleasurable. Great value

(Tasted Mar 12, 2015)

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Created  Dec 22, 2009