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2004 Muga - Reserva
Outstanding producer from an excellent vintage in Rioja. Ruby-red medium bodied, the nose is basic, flashing inviting aromas of dark fruit and hints of earth. Cherries and red fruits hit palate in a lighter expression than the nose would indicate. Extraordinarily pleasing from attack to finish wrapped in a modest dose of silky tannins. Drinking exceptionally. Outperforms even in this vintage, especially at this price point.

(Tasted Dec 18, 2009)

2005 Copain Saisons des Vins - Syrah L'Hiver
Copain excels by producing gems like the L'Hiver Syrah. Full-bodied and silky smooth, from the nose to the finish luscious dark red and black fruit is evident. Thoroughly enjoyable, crowd-pleasing and ready to drink. Excellent value. (NOTE: Copain has closed out their Saisons des Vins project in favor of their "Tous Ensemble" value line.)

(Tasted Feb 19, 2010)

2003 Capcanes - Mas Donis
Grenache based. Medium-full bodied. Dark red fruit. Ordinary yet pleasing, this food-friendly simple red reveals a value yet lacks depth and complexity.

(Tasted Feb 5, 2010)

2004 Allende - Allende
Medium-bodied Rioja from above average vintage. This low-end Allende overwhelms with a nose of raw barnyard and earth. Texturally smooth, the wine is quite approachable yet lacks the red fruit desired to match its strong earth undertone. Tasted twice.

(Tasted Feb 1, 2010)

2000 Larose-Trintaudon
Mature and to be enjoyed immediately. Fading mixed fruits fill out this well-made, medium bodied red. Well-integrated tannins result in a pleasurable drinking experience for a basic Bordeaux from an exceelent vintage.

(Tasted Sep 5, 2009)

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