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2009 Uvaggio California Muscato Secco
Wines are interesting in their variability. I opened a bottle of this last night and was surprised by the unpleasant very organic aroma. It prompted me to pour a bit into a second glass to sniff. I let my glass sit a few minutes and the aroma of bog subsided leaving behind a more pleasant forest floor impression. In the mouth I could recognize the floral notes that are familiar to those who enjoy muscato d'asti. The wine went well with an apple and some cheddar.

(Tasted Apr 23, 2012)



NV Lamberti Prosecco DOC
Apples, Pineapple,nice mousse. This is a consistently good Prosseco

(Tasted Apr 15, 2012)


2009 Francesco Boschis - Dolcetto di Dogliani Vigna Dei Prey
The bottle I opened today revealed a wine that was deep purple in color, slightly turbid. Intense berry bouquet with a background of vanilla. The wine seemed unbalanced with an initial burst of acidity followed by assertive tannins. The promise of fruit from the nose was never realized in the palate. Perhaps my cold is worse than i thought. Perhaps the bottle was flawed. Wine advocate gave this 91 points. I have three more bottles in the cellar. I'll update this after opening another. For now I'll give it 75 points.

(Tasted Apr 21, 2012)


2010 Posenato Le Coste Pinot Grigio
refreshing, light body, citrus notes, very drinkable...dare I say boring?

(Tasted Apr 21, 2012)

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