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2006 Don Sebastiani (Three Loose Screws) - Viognier The Crusher Wilson Vineyard
MMF: Kudos to BD for recommending this. A great mineraly, complex wine that really held its own against an herb-spiced pork loin. Just bursts with melon and slight apple flavors.

(Tasted Apr 14, 2009)

1998 Mayacamas - Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
BDF notes: Wineaggedon I three-way tie for second place. My only notes are that (1) I initially thought this was French and younger than it is and (2) considered it a real possibility for my #1 wine. Was one of my favorite wines of the night. CD: I bought/brought this one. This was marked down 50% - an obvious warning - and I played dumb with the clerk who tld me that there are no bad years in Calif vintages. 1998? Very soft, medium oak, very old world in style, muted fruit with balanced body and a whisper finish that made want to ask "speak up." Would love to bench it with a '99 . . .

(Tasted Mar 22, 2009)

2006 Cousino Macul - Cabernet Sauvignon Antiguas Reservas
BDF notes: Wineaggedon I three-way tie for second place. Interesting fruity nose. I initially thought this was a new world blend. On a second bottle yesterday- fruity and floral on the nose. Good though a little over-powered by food (braised short ribs); faded a bit over time in the decanter. I might drink this straight from the bottle in the future.

(Tasted Mar 22, 2009)

2005 Casa Lapostolle - Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee Alexandre (Rapel Valley)
BDF notes: Placed dead last in Wineaggedon I. Garnet/Ruby without much of a rim. Nothing exciting nose-wise. I was impressed that I was able to ID it as mine right off the bat. Kind of bland. Opens up after a while but still pretty unimpressive. I previously gave this an 89 with the caveat that it needs food and a couple hours in the decanter.

(Tasted Mar 12, 2009)

2006 Saxum - James Berry Vineyard Bone Rock
BDF notes: Wineaggedon I (not an entrant). My favorite wine of the night. Huge alcohol, massive nose, complicated, chewy, dense, and challenging. Really enjoyed this.

(Tasted Mar 22, 2009)

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