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1991 Dominus
Purchased 2 bottles from POP's 10/05. (020000) Had first bottle in May, 2007. One of the most memorable (if not the most memorable) wines I have had. Amazingly mellow and food friendly in a classic left bank Bordeaux style. Although richly textured now with 16 years of age on the bottle, still has plenty of fruit and will definitely last another decade at its peak (maybe longer?). A true classic. ***** Purchased another 3 bottles from JJ Buckley 11/07. (0225)

(Tasted Jul 1, 2007)

2001 Ornellaia - Masseto
Purchased 1 bottle (5/08) from Suburban Wines in Yorktown Heights, NY; where it was kept in a temperature and humidity controlled vault since importing. The 2001 is considered by most critics to be the greatest vintage ever for this venerable Super-Tuscan wine. Year after year, this wine is selected as a Top 100 Wine (often top 10) by Wine Spectator, and of course did so this year also (in its greatest vintage ever). Comprised of 100% Merlot.. (048900)

(Tasted Jul 1, 2007)

2005 Ambullneo - Pinot Noir Mastiff Cuvee
Purchased case 1/08 from JJ Buckley. (003000). Have had several bottles now. A very lovely expression of Carneros Pinot Noir. Richer and softer than Burgundy, but still a beautiful wine.

(Tasted May 2, 2008)

1986 Dominus
Purchased 2 bottles from POP's 10/05. (008000) First bottle opened on July 27, 2007 .... simply a wonderful and lovely bottle ... ullage still at bottom neck and cork exhibited no leakage ... wonderful nose on the attack, with chocolate and spice notes. Plenty of fruit left in this lady - cherry, currant, with forest floor accents. Richly textured and complex. This has the stuffing to last at least another decade before declining. Truly wonderful and elegant.

(Tasted Jul 1, 2008)

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