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1985 Mouton-Rothschild
As you all know, I do not drink this wine. I only collect the art work and that is all I have to say. Why are the snobs to critical to rate this wine? What is it about Mouton-Rothschild that makes the so called experts so scared as to rate this wine/ THIS IS VERY GOOD AND i AM NOT JUST TOTETING IT SO.

(Tasted Sep 8, 2007)

1982 Gruaud Larose
Very nice indeed!!! Who has the data to record a price for this 750 ml bottle. It is extremely good. Pay up or be left behind!

(Tasted Sep 8, 2007)

1997 Vogue - Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses 1er Cru
It seems to reveal a blueberry and violet scented nose. It is plump and full bodied at this moment. It is like having liquid silk drenched in plums, blueberries, marchiano cherries and a slight raspberry liquer poured across one's palate. Absoulutely marvelous... I would say it is overripe if not for the delineation and focus of this gem. Its layers of supersweet fruit covers the copious quantities of it's supple tannins. Has a way to go. I rate it 95 points. Bottle # 00039

(Tasted Sep 8, 2007)

2000 Montrose
This is on par with the 1990 Montrose vintage. It may be better. I like it but in my opinion needs another 10 to 15 years. 95 points. I decline to comment due to its infancy.

(Tasted Sep 8, 2007)

2000 Palmer
I tend to side with Mr. Parker on this one as per description. I am giving it 97 points. I do not care what any other score is, for this is Palmer's best ever period.

(Tasted Sep 8, 2007)

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