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2002 Martinelli - Gewurztraminer Dry Select
Dinner at home with Cophams and friends. Wow! First California Gewurtz I've experienced and while not on the level of Alsace and Germanic wines, this one has some real character. Fresh, aciditic, a touch of sweetness, and a wonderful green apple bouquet. Wish I had another bottle.

(Tasted Mar 26, 2005)

1982 Conseillante
Tasted at Grille 29 in Tampa, FL. Color was lighter than expected, showing the expected brown around the edge of the rim. Nose revealed black fruits, anise, and toasted oak. Nice finish at the beginning and end but lacked something in the middle. Silky and smooth, fairly classy but something missing. Tasted against a 78 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill which in this case was showing much better, so will assume my opinion was biased based upon that. Drink this wine now or in the next few years as I don't think it has the legs to go another 10.

(Tasted Oct 30, 2004)

2000 Copain - Zinfandel Arrowhead Mountain
Christmas Eve dinner at Rusty and Wil's. Wonderful nose upon opening, even though it was still at cellar temp. While harsh early, this wine opened up to reveal loads of pepper, spices, rich black fruits and just a trace of the heat you might expect. Drinking well now, but could easily be cellared for a few more years.

(Tasted Dec 24, 2004)

1989 Silver Oak - Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley
Gerry and Brenda Schwartz dinner party in Santa Monica. Well, it's time to drink this wine pronto if you're still cellaring it. Rather dried out, very oaky, fruit is disappearing. You can tell it DID have something to it a few years ago, but I've waited too long.

(Tasted Feb 26, 2005)

1999 Von Strasser - Chardonnay Rainin Vineyard
Dinner at Cafe Ponte with Jeff, Jory and Jere. Lots of floral notes on the nose. Taste had apricot and a hint of citrus. Not quite enough minerality but luckily, not too much butter taste either. Oak was present but not overpowering. Wish I had bought a few more bottles of this at the winery. Good job Rudy!!!!!

(Tasted Dec 28, 2004)

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