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GrapesofWrath 95

2008 Quilceda Creek - (CVR) Columbia Valley Red
Blend of 81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 1% Malbec. Aromas of cedar, spice box, mineral, incense, black currant, and blackberry inform the nose of a ripe, savory, smooth-textured wine. In the glass it displays more minerality, excellent volume, and enough structure to evolve over the next 15 years.

(Tasted Feb 23, 2012)

GrapesofWrath 97+

2007 Drouhin Oregon - Pinot Noir (Cuvee) Laurene
This is as close to Burgundy as the USofA gets! Dark garnet in color. Deep black cherry, raspberry puree, earth, sweet spice, smoke, tobacco, hay bale nose. In the mouth, sweet and ripe black cherry, cranberry, raspberry fruit; intense earth spice, leather, herb, dried tobacco/tea leaves. Some cola tingle, roasted game, sage, clove, some heat. Powerfully smooth, subtle, complexed. Aging nicely, yet better days are ahead.

(Tasted Aug 13, 2011)

GrapesofWrath 98

2008 Williams Selyem - Pinot Noir Precious Mountain Vineyard
Enthralling nose of wild black raspberry, strawberry, tar and campfire smoke with a touch of nettle and mocha. The palate beautifully balances plushness and precision with its layers of red and black fruits, dandelion and burdock, and a touch of mint. The finish has excellent persistence with just a little tannin remaining and a pleasing edge of citrus. I think another two years will open the finish a little more or decant it several hours before drinking and it is amazing now.

(Tasted Sep 8, 2011)

GrapesofWrath 96

2009 K - Ovide en Cerise Vineyard
Delicious notes of cherries, cocoa, and nutty espresson. Sexy, svelte texture in the mouth. Wonderful!

(Tasted Oct 7, 2011)

GrapesofWrath 96

2009 Peay - Viognier Estate Sonoma Coast
Beautiful wine with great dimension and profile. Strong Euro influence. The nose was all citrus, apricots and tall grass. A deft balance with some extra character filled nuances coming toward the end. Beautiful.

(Tasted Jul 19, 2011)

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