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Eagle 92

2009 La Maison Des Maines Mainart 538
Usually, Wanda and I go for the wines from Argentina and Chile. But, we really loved this Merlot and Cab Sauv 60/40 blend from France. The clay/limestone conditions in the heart of Cognac country where this wine is produced give rise to tones of gentle spices, red fruits, and a hint of vanilla. This was a Medaille D'Or winner in Paris for 2011 and we can see why. Excellent!

(Tasted Oct 6, 2012)

Eagle 92

2010 Bodega Las Vides Banarda
Wanda and I both enjoyed this unusual Banarda grape. It is not a common varietal available in the USA. This wine comes from the high altitude in the Fatima Valley of La Rioja, Argentina. Very smooth, low acidity, and lively black fruit flavors and aroma. We rated it high and definitely will drink more of this!

(Tasted Sep 29, 2012)

Eagle 89

2010 Jovino - Pinot Noir
Wanda and I found this to be one of our favorite Pinot Noirs. This is from the Dobbes Family Estate in Oregon. Excellent black fruit aromas.

(Tasted Sep 22, 2012)

Eagle 89

2010 Carnivor cabernet sauvignon
Excellent cab sauv. Very smooth and well balanced for the price.

(Tasted Sep 3, 2012)

Eagle 85

2010 rias baixas columna albarino
Excellent white wine with delicate floral nose and low acidity. This wine is 100% albarino wines. Definitey recommend this one for light salads and seafood.

(Tasted Jun 9, 2012)

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