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2011 Belle Glos - Pinot Noir Clark & Telephone Vineyard
If pepper and cherry could be blended together in perfection....this would be how it's done. Took a bit to open but this medium bodied pinot noir really can be described as soft and complex all the way through. It left with a long finish and was deep cherry in color. On the nose was hints of bing cherry but on the palate, the spice really came through. Took a risk and had this with baked stuffed lobster and believe it or not, the pairing was perfection with the scallop stuffing. We want more!!

(Tasted Feb 14, 2015)

2006 Bibi Graetz - Testamatta

(Tasted Jan 10, 2015)

2005 Honig - Cabernet Sauvignon Bartolucci Vineyard
Notes of muted toasted caramel, slight oak, and boisenberry on the nose. The body was medium. It probably was about 2 years too late on the open. But the tannins still held up pretty well. It took about an hour to fully express its proper body and structure.

(Tasted Feb 21, 2015)

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