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2004 Pavie
Just yesterday I had a chance to enjoy a bottle with a few friends smoking cigars in the local den. I had the bottle opened for 1 hour before consuming it. Well, the wine is actually ready and quite matured to enjoy it at this age! This is not a blockbuster wine but has a deep but linear aroma and an immediate sense "what we call Bordeaux nose". It's smooth and tannin is fully integrated but i's not a multi-layered but rather a drinking table wine that has the best I have encountered alcohol level. Meaning, it's high but just at the right level giving a such crystal clear buzz! The finish is short but intense. It was probably a mistake to have it with cigars instead of a heavy meal! All my friends have given a high mark. At $100 this could be a best table wine of a top Bordeaux finesse that allows to pair it with a variety of spicy foods. I have had a full case of this 2004 but sold a half being forced to open up an original wooden case (my heart was bleeding). I think I will keep the rest for a such price to enjoy rather with food over the next few years that will make it only better.

(Tasted Feb 5, 2011)

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