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2007 Kongsgaard - VioRous
Really underwhelming bottle. I like roussane and CdP Blancs in general. This was just too funky and had a strange aftertaste. Perhaps it was a bad bottle but I know storage was perfect and it didn't have a whiff of vinegar. I have one more in the cellar. Hoping it is much better. Not rating this because I don't have a numerical score for down the drain.

(Tasted Jul 25, 2014)

2007 Ramey - Cabernet Sauvignon Pedregal Vineyard
Nothing major to add over past notes. This wine remains taut and has plenty of heft to last a long time. Flavors are intense and mouth coating. One of my favorite expressions of big - but still elegant! - napa cab.

(Tasted Jul 26, 2014)

1998 Les Bosquet - Chateauneuf du Pape
Rich, earthy, a bit of barnyard and dust. Tasty CdP. I think this one has peaked. Will drink fine for a few more years. This paired well with an Asian spiced hangar steak.

(Tasted Jul 2, 2014)

1967 Bertani - Amarone Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Superiore
Wow is this great! Concentrated, silky smooth and loads upon layers of flavor. Color is a dark garnet with a little bit of orange at the rim but really i am shocked this is almost 50 years old. Prunes, dried figs, raisins, port, menthol, leather, some spice. Big and rich. This is not shy juice. Really stellar example of all amarone can be!

(Tasted Apr 5, 2014)

1974 Due Torri - Amarone Recioto della Valpolicella
Still vibrant and interesting after 40 years in the bottle. Nice raisin, port and stewed prune with a some subtle earth and drying but round tannins. I was surprised how youthful the wine appears. Age was apparent on tasting. Very pleasing bottle. Perhaps past it's peak but still very enjoyable.

(Tasted Mar 30, 2014)

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