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2002 Clos Erasmus - Priorat
A rich, thick wine. Smoky, choclatey palate. The dark fruits become subtley jam-like. Long finish. A wonderful wine. Has some time yet.

(Tasted Mar 14, 2009)

2001 Georges Roumier - Morey St-Denis Clos de la Bussiere 1er Cru
Dark blackberry, blueberry, chocolate, smoky nose. Mid palate attack. Good tannic structure. On palate, more cherry emerges in addition to essences of nose. Long, fruit based finish. A bit of an earthy wine.

(Tasted Mar 14, 2009)

1995 Dujac - Clos de la Roche
Dark, dusty red color. Blackberry, blackcurrant nose; hint of green pepper? Mouth filling attack, spreading from mid-palate out and leaving a dusty mouth coating. Very long finish, cherry fruit sweetness but also minerality. Some hints of chocolate. A rich wine with depth of fruit. Good tannic structure but a little bit of too much sweetness? A wonderful wine.

(Tasted Mar 14, 2009)

1996 Louis Jadot - Chambertin-Clos de Beze
Wow! This is a deep, powerful, compressed (versus concentrated as I wouldn't want someone to make a new world comparison to it).... Strong mid-palate attack followed by full mouth filling attack.... Clear, clean, pure wine with still dark hues....... Nuanced dark fruit, earthy, smoky, mushroom nose... Balanced acidity and sufficient tannins make this drinkable today but I would think this wine has another decade.... Very long finish that was a consistently fading passing of the core nose and palate sensations.... This wine is earthier and coarser than other cdb's I have had...

(Tasted Dec 12, 2008)

2001 Ponsot - Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes
clear, medium bright wine with ruby hues and deep dark depth.... Medium/medium low complexity... Mid-palate attack both weaker across the whole palate.... At times I almost sensed a thinness, but this was early as the wine warmed and developed... Nose of dark fruits, cherry with some smokiness/tar... Good acidity and a medium tannic backbone; I think this wine could have 10 years plus.... reasonably balanced on the palate with a medium body and good alchohol balance... While the dark fruit came through on the palate and developed a nice "chewy" complexion, not a nuanced wine at this point and perhaps ever... A very enjoyable wine to drink that I would pair with heartier meals appropriate to ricjer, earthier burgundies...

(Tasted Jan 4, 2009)

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