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2012 Belle - Crozes-Hermitage Les Pierrelles
The nose is very open, an immediate basket of fresh fruit, full of blackcurrants, raspberries and juicy pomegranates. This indulgence then develops with deeper, darker, almost tuberous notes like iris-root. Resinous juniper and wood ash also enhance the aromatic palette and lengthen the perception. The palate is a real treat: soft and flattering. As usual for this cuvee, softness dominates from the attack. Fine, silky tannins increase the mouth volume and the sensation of pleasure. The finish is long and displays excellent balance, with no heaviness. This delicate wine is already very pleasing. It can be opened now simply for the pleasure - and why not as an aperitif, as it needs hardly any accompaniment. On the other hand, if it is destined for the table, it goes very well with roast poultry, rabbit or offal.

(Tasted Nov 17, 2014)


CdnAbroad 95

2010 San Guido - Sassicaia
Garnet in color. Medium rim variation. Slow legs. Blackberry, Nutmeg. Blackberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Red Currant. Medium/Full bodied. Silky texture. Long finish.

(Tasted May 3, 2014)

CdnAbroad 96

2009 Aalto
Purple in color. Medium rim variation. Medium legs. Blackberry. Vanilla. Full bodied. Polished texture. Smooth texture. Long finish.

(Tasted Apr 17, 2014)


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