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Cashew 91

1997 Dow's - Vintage Port
Sweet plum with other red fruit flavors, and a hint of graphite. Smooth but not terribly long finish. Not a lot of tannic structure. Medium bodied. Lovely for a cold winter night, but not über memorable.

(Tasted Dec 28, 2011)

Cashew 91

NV Taittinger - Brut Cuvee Prestige
Very nice yeasty, nutty flavors with great bubbles and a wonderful citrus & pear finish. Liked much better than NV Veuve Clicot yellow label, which I believe is comparably priced.

(Tasted Jun 27, 2010)

Cashew 91

2004 Beauregard - Pinot Noir Trout Gulch Vineyard
What a nice surprise! Far more luscious red fruit than other Santa Cruz AVA pinots I've had. All kinds of berries, with a hint of tar at the finish. High alcohol (14.6%) balanced with just the right amount of acid. Great with all kinds of food. A tad more structure and tannin backbone would have been a bonus. Will definitely get again. I agree with this reviewer's take:

(Tasted Jun 25, 2010)

Cashew 89

2003 Henri Delagrange - Volnay Vieilles Vignes
This wine lost a face off against a 2004 Beauregard Trout Gluch pinot. It was no contest, as the Delagrange was floppy and lacking in character. Nothing wrong with it per se, but nothing special either. Not sure if more cellar time will help.

(Tasted Jun 25, 2010)

Cashew 92

2003 Kathryn Kennedy - Cabernet Sauvignon Small Lot
nice acid which was well balanced by slightly forward, juicy red fruit and mellow tannins. good value, and better than I'd thought it would be.

(Tasted Mar 28, 2010)

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