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BoozingIt 59

2008 Gouguenheim - Malbec Valle Escondido
Dear diary I woke up angry today. For I have had the Worst Malbec Ever! The only thing nice about this bottle is the sound it makes as you dump it down the drain. The bouquet is an awkward dusty strawberry nerds candy, mint leaf, brown sugar, shredded tires, burned orange peel and Windex combination. I gagged a little when it hit my palate. Flavors of Smokey charcoal, burned electrical wiring with asparagus juice. When you think it couldn't get any worse you are left with this undesirable vitamin C meets gritty beach sand on the finish. There is a reason this is the valleys best keep secret, it Sucks

(Tasted Apr 11, 2010)

BoozingIt 83

2007 Barnard Griffin - Cabernet Sauvignon
Dark purple color. If you were eating blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream and knocked it over into the dirt then scooped it back up and held it to your nose that's what this smells like. Flavors of blueberries, vanilla, oak and top soil on the palate. Pickup a little black tea on the finish. The finish dies on you quickly which is a little disappointing. I like their Merlot more.

(Tasted Apr 7, 2010)

BoozingIt 81

2007 Bridlewood - Viognier Reserve
Pale straw yellow color. Aromas of nectarine and honeysuckle meets playskool play-doh. Flavors of white raisins and tangerines on the palate. Lemon meringue pie, banana nut bread and Bombay sapphire martini on the finish.

(Tasted Apr 7, 2010)

BoozingIt 88

2007 Barnard Griffin - Merlot Washington
Deep ruby color. 22 months in old and new European oak barrels. I get aromas of vanilla, cedar, plum, black tea, clove and bay leaf, subtle earthy top soil. Flavors of vanilla, white chocolate and cherry cobbler on the palate. Plum, dark cherry, terry's chocolate orange with sweet wood on a long finish. Smooth acidity with soft round tannins. Delicious!

(Tasted Mar 31, 2010)

BoozingIt 73

2006 Natura - Carmenere
Dark purple color, its midnight in a glass. I get aromas of dark cherries, plum, canned mushrooms, poblano peppers and top soil, subtle leather satchel with a hint of green peppercorn. Lot's of American Oak. Flavors of smokey campfire, pea gravel, plum and oak. A little gamey on the finish. It's like someone unloaded several rounds of buckshot into a oak barrel of plums and then set the damn thing on fire. That's what's in this bottle. Serious Heat, too much oak, tart acidity and medium dry tannins.

(Tasted Mar 30, 2010)

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