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2005 Clos Pepe Estate - Pinot Noir
Loaded with secondary aromas and flavors: woodsy, spicy, the floral aromas have been replaced with pine and earth. Very smooth and rich, well balanced, absolutely delicious with a simple, broiled rib eye steak. Nice. Very nice.

(Tasted Oct 15, 2008)

2006 Bergstrom - Pinot Noir De Lancellotti Vineyard
I should have waited. Decanted for about an hour, which helped aromatically, but the primary fruit in this is very powerful. Give this 2 or 3 years in the cellar to come alive. Still, very nice rose-and-white-pepper aromas, sweet red cherry on the palate, and a nicely sustained finish. A little lacking in acidity at this time, but the primary fruit flavors may be overwhelming it. Wait for this baby to grow up.

(Tasted Aug 30, 2008)

2004 Le Cadeau - Pinot Noir Diversite
Deep garnet in color. Cherry, Forest floor, with just a hint of violets. On the palate, this shows a subdued spice flavor, mixed with red cherry and earth flavors. A silky texture in the mouth, with a smooth, moderately long finish. This is a well-integrated, complex and appealing Oregon pinot, with just the right combination of aroma, flavor and texture to be interesting by itself or an excellent, food-friendly addition to the table. Very nice.

(Tasted Jul 26, 2008)

2000 Brane-Cantenac
Opened this early in the morning and left it to breathe until mid-afternoon. Inky in color. Medium legs. Relatively reserved nose highlighted by leather and smoke. On the palate, smooth, mellow notes of coffee and spice, rich tannins but totally integrated. Nothing to distract from the combination of fruit, oak, and tannin - well balanced, elegant.

(Tasted Jun 11, 2008)

2003 Scherrer - Pinot Noir Fort Ross Vineyard High Slopes
Very sexy nose: violets, dark cherry, wood overtones. Mouth bears out the nose - fruity and full of sweet pinot, but also a noticeable component of oak. A little hot on the finish, but not distracting or unpleasant.

(Tasted Feb 27, 2008)

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