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2007 Altamura - Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2007 Altamura presented a deep crimson color in the crystal glass. The nose was elegant and complex with tones of dark fruit, spice, oak and a hint of leather. A gentle swirl produced legs that hung ever so gently to the sides of the glass for minutes. The palate was soft, almost velvet-like. The rich, round and balanced flavors filled the mouth. The fruit had a light sweetness that complimented the tannins. Absolutely delicious after dinner. Drank like a $100 bottle of Cabernet.

(Tasted Mar 26, 2013)


2006 Cakebread - (Cabernet Sauvignon) Dancing Bear Ranch
The 2006 Cakebread Dancing Bear Ranch Cabernet was opened on New Year's Eve to celebrate the coming year and a new engagement. We were not disappointed. The nose was complex with tones of ripe dark fruit, an earthy spice, and chocolate. The palate was round and elegant with rich flavors of blackberry, wild cherry, and fig. The wine was balanced and sophisticated with firm acidity and silky tannins. The finish lingered ever so softly. We first tried the Dancing Bear Ranch at Cakebread Cellars and fell in love with the wine and its story. A truly wonderful complement to a festive occasion and delicious dinner.

(Tasted Dec 31, 2010)


2008 Orin Swift - Saldo
Another wonderful creation by Orin Swift. The Saldo zinfandel was well built, stylish, and delicious. The nose was big with aromas of spicy blackberry. The palate was round and juicy with flavors of black cherry and licorice framed by subtle toasted oak. Overall, the wine was rich, ripe, and full-bodied with soft tannins and a memorable midpalate. The finish was soft, lush, and lingered. An absolute joy.

(Tasted Oct 24, 2010)


2005 Chimney Rock - Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District
The '05 Stags Leap Cabernet was wonderfully seductive from the moment it was opened. Dark fruit aromas of blackberry, vanilla, and cedar were present on the nose. The palate was lush, juicy, full-bodied and round. The tanins were well integrated and the finish lingered for seconds. An elegant wine.

(Tasted Oct 8, 2010)


2006 Ridge - Lytton Springs (Zinfandel)
The Lytton Springs Zinfandel from Ridge was impressive. The bouquet bubbled with aromas of dusty black raspberry, mocha coffee, and lavender. The palate was earthy, deep, and complex with carry-over from the nose. The finish was silky and elegant with integrated tannins. Delicious.

(Tasted Jul 25, 2010)

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