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19th Hole Vineyard 90

2008 Sea Smoke - Pinot Noir Southing

(Tasted Aug 18, 2011)

19th Hole Vineyard 84

2008 Kokomo - Pinot Noir Windsor Oaks Vineyard
We had three bottle of this, and all three bottles were the same...brown on the edges, overly jammy, and a major disappointment. We had heard good things about Kokomo, but this was nothing even close to other Russian River Pinots we have cellared.

(Tasted Jul 21, 2011)

19th Hole Vineyard 91

19th Hole Vineyard 92

2007 Williams Selyem - Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
An absolute Pinot bomb on the nose...no mistaking...with dark cherries and currents, a light red hue in colour... with definite westside road characteristics...just great stuff here...epitome of pinot. Cheers!

(Tasted Apr 24, 2011)

19th Hole Vineyard 89

2008 Andrew Murray - Syrah Terra Bella Vineyard
One of the better Murray Syrah's we've had in a while. Great black currents, blueberries with hints of violets and spice...the oak finally comes through to complement with coconut aromas. Another example of what westside Paso Robles can achieve with a Rhone red.

(Tasted Feb 28, 2011)

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