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Value your cellar
Value your cellar automatically

Analyze your cellar
Analyze your cellar graphically

Valuation & analysis

Only VinCellar provides both auction and retail price data to accurately value and monitor the wine in your collection.

Value your cellar accurately...and automatically
  • Choose to value your wine cellar based on auction pricing or retail pricing. VinCellar value estimates are based on our proprietary algorithm that uses both current market auction results (as compiled by or retail pricing data (powered by Global Wine Stocks)
  • Includes auction prices from all major auction houses worldwide for the past eight years and is updated as auctions occur (as compiled by
  • Gives wine level access to auction price averages by time period, and price details by individual lot and source
  • Input values manually to either fill in gaps where pricing is not available or to override automatic pricing
Analyze your cellar with robust tools and reports

VinCellar includes charts and graphs to graphically display your entire collection by:
  • Varietal
  • Readiness to drink
  • Valuation
    • Cost data
    • Gain/loss
  • Professional and community score
  • Prearrival source
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