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Mobile support

VinCellar is now optimized for mobile browsing. Go to on your mobile browser and the site will automatically optimize for your device.

Here is a brief tour of what you can do on the go.

  • Search and browse wine within the community and your cellar
  • Search for tasting notes
  • Add tasting notes (and update Twitter if you have it linked to your VinCellar account)
  • Add wine to your cellar
  • Consume wine
  • View public profiles of other users

Due to the space constraints of an iPhone screen and other mobile devices, we've had to analyze the layout of each page to expose only essential data and features. On the technical side we've also looked closely at performance and have optimized network access for mobile networks. The result is that the site should be accessible and responsive no matter where you are.

Sample images of VinCellar mobile

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