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Add your picture, bio and blog or website to your profile
Create, read and share personal tasting notes
Create, read and share personal tasting notes
Share your love of wine with friends on Facebook
Share your love of wine with friends on Facebook
Share your love of wine with friends on Facebook


Only VinCellar lets you create and share WinePosts and personal tasting notes with the VinCellar community...and your friends on both Facebook and Twitter.

Create your profile
  • Upload your photo or image which will be displayed on your profile and any community shared content that you create
  • Add a bio to tell your story
  • Add a blog or website link to your profile where fans can hang on your every word
  • Classify your user status as a blogger, winery designate or a member of the trade
  • Make your profile public to let other users browse your tasting notes, WinePosts, cellar and recent VinCellar activity
Express yourself
  • Upload your own wine label images
  • Write and share tasting notes and tell the community what wines you like or dislike
  • Create WinePosts to list your favorite wines, recall a memorable meal or tasting or start a dialogue with the community.  Add video and images to make it stand out.
  • Start a WishList to keep track of wines you are interested in and share it with your friends and other VinCellar users.
  • Choose from five supported scoring scales including 100 point, 20 point, 10 point, 5 star and 3 star when creating a wine review.
  • Update Twitter with wine recommendations, tasting notes and cellar activity
Interact with the Community
  • Read and comment on other users’ WinePosts and Wishlists
  • Search community tasting notes to find information on specific wines
  • Follow your favorite community reviewers by browsing their public profile pages or subscribing to their individual RSS feeds
  • Add the Facebook application, My VinCellar to share what you are buying and drinking with your personal community of friends
  • Follow @VinTweets for a stream of all VinCellar community tweets on Twitter
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