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Sell in Vinfolio Store

With Vinfolio's Fixed Price Auction, our team does the work of pricing and selling your wine for you through the Vinfolio Wine Store. To get Started, email us a list of wines. You may also select wines to sell through your Vincellar Account.

Sell in the Marketplace

The Vinfolio Marketplace gives Private Collectors full control over all aspects of the selling process. Post and manage your listings through your VinCellar account, set prices as you choose.
  • > Retail value of $40 or more per 750ml bottle.
  • > Professional score of 89 points or higher.
  • > Within the recommended drink dates.
  • > Minimum total retail value of $10,000.
  • > 1970 or later vintages that are less than or equal to 6 liter bottle size.
  • > Stored in Vinfolio storage
Market-based fixed prices quoted by Vinfolio and sold in eCommerce store context.
Bid-ask pricing. Set BuyNow or Hidden Reserves for instant sales or manually accept bids.
Twice per month after wine is sold.
Payment is made 10 days after the Friday on which the sale was completed.
Typically ~25%
  • 15% fee
  • $15 minimum per bottle

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